Unisex Video Production Eye Mask

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An Executive Producer shouldn’t need to oversee every element of a production. While the production company handles all matters on set, the only thing an Executive Producer should have on hand is a dry martini.

To alleviate the stress of any commercial project, Enamoured Iris have developed a trademarked Eye Mask that allows the wearer to sleep at night.

At home in the bedroom as much as it is on location, this product features a silk lining that protects the wearer from inadequacy. In 95% of uses, our special patent also allows the wearer to be undisturbed whenever worn.

So turn a blind eye to the bagel-munching Gaffer dropping breadcrumbs on your Egyptian loafers and find your inner peace. Don this lavish mask, close your eyes and feel stress melt away as creative professionals handle your big budget project.


  • Special patent allows the wearer to be undisturbed whenever worn.
  • Silk lined protective barrier shields the wearer from inadequacy.
  • Allows the wearer to sleep at night.
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Enamoured Iris is recreating the Roaring Twenties with apparel that allows anyone to feel like Hollywood Royalty.

Whether your dream is to be an Executive Producer or a Micro Influencer, we allow you to buy the experience.