Unisex Video Production Short Sleeve Shirt

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A fan base that admires you. An exclusive community that envies you. A collection of people who spontaneously break out into choreographed song and dance whenever you're around. The sensation of a successful Hollywood career has never been this attainable.

Skip the 10,000 hours it takes to attain mastery. Purchase this t-shirt and overnight you’ll receive the respect of your peers. Win them over with your tireless dedication to a craft you haven’t dedicated any time to. Receive credit for working on a big budget production without having to perform any of the work!

Each item in this collection has been tailored for a personality. Find the shirt that suits yours!

  1. Executive Producer: You’re a self-made visionary with a healthy Trust Fund. Overseeing the business of a production over a dry martini, you’re the most successful creative you’ve ever met. Swap your gown for a shirt and discover what it’s like to be a commoner on the street for an afternoon.

  2. Short Film Investor: You’re the generous donor to a Kickstarter for a failed production created by the struggling actor you call your sibling. Though the film bombed and your sibling still works in a cafe, it ignited a passion for financing the dreams of others. Attract a steady stream of half baked scripts for short films with apparel that announces your new profession.

  3. Animal Wrangler: You’ve found a way to profit from modern slavery that would make even parents of child actors blush. Waiving rights for your furry performers while simultaneously generating content for their social profiles, you’re a true altruist. Let the world envy your occupation with a shirt that will be the talk of your local dog park.

  4. Special Effects Supervisor: You're a closeted pyromaniac who's been denied a pyrotechnics licence one too many times. After witnessing Zoolander’s freak gasoline fight accident, you’ve turned your life around and committed yourself to a life of safety. Command the respect you deserve with a shirt that makes your commitment to rigorous safety standards known to anyone who hasn’t already been briefed.
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Enamoured Iris is recreating the Roaring Twenties with apparel that allows anyone to feel like Hollywood Royalty.

Whether your dream is to be an Executive Producer or a Micro Influencer, we allow you to buy the experience.