Unisex Video Production Long Sleeve Shirt

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It’s scientifically proven that the longer the shirt, the longer one feels as if they’re in a Hollywood slow motion sequence.

When worn, you’ll experience a 95% increase in slow motion sequences in your life. Shopping for groceries, drinking a coffee, being rejected for a date. Ordinary events will now be filtered through the lens of a camera recording at 1000 frames per second.

Not everyone can become a Hollywood actor. But you can feel the wind run through your hair as your microfibre t-shirt flutters like Marilyn Monroe’s dress. Mesmerising a crowd of lucky onlookers has never been this easy.

Whether you want to recreate the driving scene in Wolf of Wall Street or the title sequence in Reservoir Dogs, this item is best bought in packs of five. Who wants to experience slow-motion alone?


  • Supports the democratisation of slow-motion film sequences
  • Provides a safe passage for temporal discontinuity
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Enamoured Iris is recreating the Roaring Twenties with apparel that allows anyone to feel like Hollywood Royalty.

Whether your dream is to be an Executive Producer or a Micro Influencer, we allow you to buy the experience.