Enamoured Iris has been producing mind-blowing video production for Australian lifestyle brands since 2013. Enamoured Iris Apparel is the company's latest baby, born into the world to recreate the glamour and nostalgia of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Our vision is to push the evolution of storytelling by making advertising as memorable as an experience at the cinema. Greater than a Melbourne video production company, Enamoured Iris fuses the art of cinema and the science of marketing to create branded cinematic experiences.

Our apparel store reflects our difference from the horde of Melbourne video production companies, transforming Enamoured Iris into the same class of lifestyle brands for which it develops content.

Enamoured Iris is a Melbourne video production company based in Brunswick. You can locate find us in Factory 1/10-12 Moreland Rd, Brunswick East VIC 3057.

Enamoured Iris is open 9AM - 6PM, Monday to Friday.

Whether you'd like to discuss the history of cinema or thank us for transforming your life with our apparel, send us an email at contact@enamourediris.com.au. Alternatively, reach us via our Contact Page.

Shipping policy

Michael Bay is the face that launched a thousand film franchises. We're the face that launched a thousand film careers after customers were finally taken seriously on set. Read more about our Shipping Policy.

All Enamoured Iris video production apparel ships Australia wide. From Melbourne to Perth, no lounge room is safe from the level of glamour and decadence you're about to inject. International shipping coming soon.

Luxury loungewear, like cinematic glory, can't be rushed. The difference between Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" and Michael Bay's magnum opus "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is clear; if you rush perfection you create an abomination. Handling of standard orders is 3 - 7 business days. Allow an additional 3 - 5 business days for standard national shipping.

Presently, all video production apparel ships from our Melbourne studio and are not available for local pickup.

Our postage is cheaper than the catering budget of the "passion project" you produced in the first year of your undergraduate film school. For all orders less than $50, national shipping is just $10. For orders greater than $50, shipping is free.

All order confirmations emailed to you after purchase will contain a parcel tracking number.


We accept all major card types. We don't accept hashtags or IMDB credits as payment.

The only gifts we currently sell is the gift of self-actualisation. The gift of a Kafka-esque metamorphosis, a transformation into the powerful Executive Producer you've always wanted to be. We sell the gift of you commanding content and dictating directions to a horde of admiring servants, whether it be on a film set or in your lounge room.

Returns and exchanges

Sometimes a return to Hollywood's Golden Era is too much for some to handle. The attention, admiration, fame and fortune can simply be too overwhelming. If you find yourself unable to stomach such a scenario, you may want to read our Refund Policy.


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